Who We Are

No Name Athletics, located in Piqua, Ohio, is a Sports Performance training facility focused on “Giving athletes the tools necessary to write their story.” Our team of experienced professionals strive to help athletes of all ages maximize their potential. No Name Athletics has flexible training programs designed for specific sports, different age groups, and various skill levels. We customize the training to give each individual athlete the necessary tools to succeed.

School Year/Summer Training Hours

School Year
6:00am – MS/HS
9:00am – MS/HS
4:00pm – MS/HS
5:00pm – MS/HS
6:00pm – MS/HS

Youth Development 5:30-6:15pm

4:00pm – MS/HS
5:00pm – MS/HS/Youth
6:00pm – MS/HS

Youth Development 5:00pm-5:45pm

6:00am – MS/HS
3:00pm – MS/HS
4:00pm – MS/HS
5:00pm – MS/HS

10:00am – MS/HS

Summer Hours
9:00am – MS/HS
10:00am – MS/HS
11:00am – College
4:00pm – MS/HS
5:00pm – MS/HS

9:00am – MS/HS
10:00am – MS/HS
11:00am – College
4:00pm – MS/HS
5:00pm – MS/HS

10:00am – MS/HS

Private: Packages

This package allows athletes to come to any 2 training sessions that are of the appropriate age group per week. The sessions purchased will expire 30 days after purchase.

This package allows athletes to come to any 3 training sessions that are of the appropriate age group per week. The sessions purchased will expire 30 days after purchase.

This package is for unlimited sessions for the month for group training. We offer session 6 days a week. The sessions purchased will expire one month after purchase date.

Add one of these packages for each additional athlete you have purchasing a membership. Athletes must live in the same household to qualify for this package deal.

This package simply allows you to come in and use our weight room and equipment. Coaches will be available for assistance and can create workouts and training programs upon request.


Sports Performance/Personal Training Packages


One on One Personal Training Consultation:
Initial consultation to discuss you, your goals, and how we will reach them! In this session we may run through a few movement screens, but no rigorous activity!

One on One Personal Training:                                                                              One on one training is programed workouts for all of your needs and wants in your fitness journey.

Open Wight Room:                                                                                                       Our open wight room packaged is offered to adults as well as the student athletes. If you are looking for a gym to get great workouts in and not worry about the fees and rules of a franchise gym. Come on in and start working with our amazing team.


Group Package:
Our Group Package is designed to target everything an athlete needs in their sports performance training. Group sessions consist of 30 minuets speed/agility training and 30 minuets strength training.

One on One Small Group Training:
Training designed for a smaller group of athletes (3-5) which allows more individualized coaching without paying the price of a one-on-one training session.

One on One Sports Performance Training:
One on One sports performance training with one of our three awesome coaches! One on One sessions last roughly 60 minutes and target the athlete’s specific individual needs!

Open Wight Room
We offer an open wight room package for anyone with scheduling troubles looking for a faster workout or anyone just looking to get stronger. This package will come with workouts programmed by our own coaches designed to help with many different fitness goals, such as getting bigger, stronger, or getting shredded. Our open weight room is currently our most cost friendly package. This package is for adults and athletes.


“Youth Development”
Our youth development package is for anyone between 1st & 5th grade to learn the fundamentals of speed and agility as well as the basics in the weight room in our strength and conditioning class. Our goal is to develop these youth athletes so when they are ready for Jr. High, so they can step right into our advanced sports performance program and excel at it right away.

Youth Development Schedule:

Monday: 5:30-6:15 — Speed Training
Tuesday: 5:30-6:15 — Strength Development
Wednesday: 5:30-6:15 — Agility Training
Thursday: 5:30-6:15 — Strength Development

For more information and pricing Message: Aouellettenn@gmail.com

Meet Our Coaches

Haley Ouellette (Boss Lady): Haley graduated from Covington High School in 2014 where she then went on to play softball at UNOH before transferring and walking on the softball team at Ohio University. Haley graduated from Ohio University with a BSS in Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, and Coaching. Haleys certifications consist of NSCA-CSCS, FRSC. Haley is currently the strength and conditioning coach for the Cincinnati Reds Organization as a minor league coach. Haley offers private lessons and small group sessions at No Name from November-February when she is home from season. 

AJ Ouellette AJ Graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Sport Health with the focus being Sport Management, Health, Coaching. He is currently a professional football player in the CFL with the Toronto, Argonauts. He has send signed to three professional team through his career (New Orleans Saints, Cleveland Browns, Toronto Argonauts). AJ has been a Sports Performance coach since 2019 and decided to open No Name Athletics with his wife in 2020 to run sports performance training the proper way. AJ Offers 1-on-1 training as well as small group training. Contacts: Aouellettenn@gmail.com

Brandon Wirrig: Brandon graduated from Bradford High School in 2013. He then went on to Bowling Green State University with a degree in Exercise Science and a Minor in Food Science Nutrition. Brandon specializes in speed training as well as strength and conditioning. Speed training consist of sprint mechanics, agility, and change of direction. Strength and conditioning consist of strength and power development as well as Olympic lifting and wightlifting technique. Email: BWIRRIGNN@GMAIL.COM

Alex Trotter: Alex graduated from Tippecanoe in 2010. From there he went to the University of Toledo where he ended up becoming a cheerleader for the university while getting his undergraduate in Business Administration. It was during his time at Toledo where he was introduced to powerlifting and has been competing ever since. Alex studied under some of the greatest powerlifting coaches of all time including the late Louie Simmons as well as Laura Phelps. Alex specializes in strengthening the body as well as he min of his athletes. He is double certified with Westside Special Strengths as well as Westside Athletic Coaching.  Email: ATROTTERNN@GMAIL.COM 


The Lab SPSM Podcast: This podcast is a series of interviews/discussions with up-and-coming leaders in the field of Sports Medicine and Performance. Interviews are intended to be informative and interesting for listeners, covering a variety of topics within the world of sports medicine. New episodes every Friday. Listen to what some of our coaches have to say about the way they program for our athletes and their thoughts on what is out there in the world of sports performance. 

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